Dan Peraino

Player Profile

Started Playing When: Started playing in high school then took a break for a bit and played competitive soccer. Injuries in the contact sport sent me back to disc golf! 

PDGA #:  85668 

Location:  St. Charles, MO

Throws:   Mostly RHFH and tomahawks,  working in more backhands 

Favorite Course:  ?

Favorite Disc:  Trusty beat up Nuke OS

In The Bag 


Drivers: Beat up Nuke OS and new Nuke OS mixture also love my Defenders and Enforcers 

Fairway: I throw a DD Criminal

Mid range: Justice all day

Putters: I use an MVP Ion for most puts inside the circle. I use an MVP Anode outside the circle or layups

Most Memorable Moment:  Ace on lieutenant Dan at the Ranch