Taylor Thomas

Player Profile

Started Playing When: 2016 Summer

PDGA #: 93533

Location: Kirkwood, MO

Throws: Right backhand and forehand

Favorite Course: Jefferson Barracks local, Northwood Gold out of town

Favorite Disc: Sexton Firebird

In The Bag 

Drivers: Cloudbreaker x2, Star Destroyer x2, Sirius Scorpius, S line PD2

Fairways: S line PD x2, S line CD3, 2018 Sexton Firebird, 2019 Sexton Firebird

Glow Champion Firebird, Neo Instinct x2, Color Glow FD, C line FD

Mid Ranges: Glow Mortar, Neo Method, Glow MF MD3, P line MD3

Putters: Color Glow AviarX3, Vapor Tactic, Glow P2, D line P2

Putting Putter: Pure White Warlock

Most Memorable Moment: First 1000 rated round at Smokin' Aces Logan.

Bio: My name is Taylor Thomas and I am a primary RHFH thrower. I have been playing seriously since 2016 summer, but did play the SIUe course as a tomahawk only thrower when I was playing ultimate at SIUe from 2012-2014. I would say how I play is changing depending on what I have to throw off the tee. If I am throwing forehand off the tee I tend to play more aggressive compared to when I have to tee with a backhand. But once I am off the tee I play very conservatively using my AviarX3 and Vapor Tactic to make sure I am always close to the basket. My strengths come from my forehand where  I can either go big distance or very touchy upshots through the woods almost like an ultimate style of throw.